Scrotal Surgery Post-Operative Instructions

(Orchiectomy – Hydrocele – Spermatocele – Varicocele Repair)

What to Expect

  • Slight redness, swelling, and scant drainage along the incision for 24-48 hours
  • Mild to moderate discomfort.
  • Bruising as the tissue heals.
  • Mild burning with urination, frequency, and/or urgency.
  • Low-grade fever.
  • Mild nausea and vomiting secondary to anesthesia.


  • No sexual intercourse until cleared by physician.
  • Check with physician regarding specific work instruction.
  • Wear athletic supporter or snug jockey underwear

Wound Care

  • Shower only after 48 hours. Sponge bath as needed for the first two days after surgery. No bath tub, pool or Jacuzzi for two weeks after surgery.
  • Keep wound dry for the first 2 days, then you may wash incision with soap and water
  • Apply ice pack to scrotum for the first 48 hours as needed to limit swelling.

Diet and Elimination

  • Diet as tolerated. Begin with clear liquids, clear soup, dry toast or crackers. If not nauseated may resume regular diet.
  • Increase water intake to keep urine clear.
  • Avoid straining with bowel movements.

Call our Office if:

  • Increasing pain and swelling
  • Fever greater than 101.5 F
  • Difficulty voiding.
  • Severe nausea and vomiting.

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