Biofeedback & Pelvic floor Therapy

This non-surgical form of therapy is used to retrain the pelvic floor and/or bladder muscles. Typically, pelvic floor therapy consists of weekly sessions for six weeks. The first session will last about one hour, but the remaining sessions will be shorter.

Using biofeedback and electrical stimulation techniques, a nurse will evaluate your muscle strength and instruct you on how to properly isolate and exercise these pelvic floor muscles. A computer will be used to guide you and monitor your progress.

The nurse will educate you in these techniques so that you can continue the exercises at home.

How to prepare for Urostym

Prior to your appointment you may be asked to complete a bladder diary or questionnaire. Please bring this with you to the appointment.

Unless otherwise directed by your doctor, you should take your normally scheduled medications. You may eat and drink prior to the study.

Therapy typically take less than one hour.

Please arrive for the study with a comfortable bladder.


This study measures your urinary flow rate. You should come to the test feeling as though you need to urinate. Try not to empty your bladder one hour before your test is scheduled.

You will be asked to urinate into a special commode that allows a computer to measure your urine flow rate and voided volume. This study is done at every other therapy session to determine your progress.


This study measures how well you can control your sphincter (outlet) muscles and helps determine if they are working in coordination with your bladder. “Sticky patches” (electrodes) will be placed near the rectum to record sphincter muscle activity.

Credit: Laborie.com